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Economics 101, a Novel (Rough Draft) -- My first sustained attempt at a novel, two-thirds finished in rough draft, and heading a little too far south.
What would you do if you and your study partner, with whom you had been seriously discussing marriage, suddenly found yourselves all alone together on a desert island? Study economics?
Sociology 500, a Romance (Second Draft) -- The first book in the Economics 101 Trilogy.(On hold.)
Karel and Dan, former American football teammates and now graduate students, meet fellow graduate students Kristie and Bobbie, and the four form a steady study group.

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Sociology 500, a Romance, ch 1 pt 1 -- Introducing Bobbie

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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

This is a test - ignore it.

Pardon my dust. I'm playing around with permalinks.


Okay, blogspot permalinks do not provide alternate (aliasing) urls. You have to choose your permalink before you post, or it's chosen for you.


It would have helped me convert this blog to a more general publishing medium.

So maybe I actually do have good reason, if I can ever afford it, to run my own server. For now, I'll have to re-think whether/how to move my first novel, indexed at, to this blog after all.

Maybe those page thingies will help.

More tests are necessary.



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