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Economics 101, a Novel (Rough Draft) -- My first sustained attempt at a novel, two-thirds finished in rough draft, and heading a little too far south.
What would you do if you and your study partner, with whom you had been seriously discussing marriage, suddenly found yourselves all alone together on a desert island? Study economics?
Sociology 500, a Romance (Second Draft) -- The first book in the Economics 101 Trilogy.(On hold.)
Karel and Dan, former American football teammates and now graduate students, meet fellow graduate students Kristie and Bobbie, and the four form a steady study group.

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Friday, April 1, 2016

Economics 101, A Novel, Rough Draft -- Index

Economics 101, A Novel

written by Joel Matthew Rees
(Copyright established 2016, Joel Matthew Rees.)
All rights reserved.

Initial Draft


This is now the backup of the table of contents before the cleaned up table of contents for the first draft, which you can find here:

You probably aren't interested in what is here, it's mostly edit record. You are probably more interested in the cleaned up rough draft, which I am working on at the above link.

I will be changing the links here to point to the backups/edit records instead of the cleaned up first draft, a little at a time.


I'm trying to set up a simplified discussion of economics in the form of a novel.

I'm not sure how successful I will be, but this is the index page, to make it easier to get to.

[JMR20160614: I'm beginning to put the almost-final draft together. The table of contents is here:]


Except that I have put the almost-final draft on hold:

The rough draft is pretty much complete, now, with the chapters as listed below. 

No, I did not intend the prologue to be chapter 42. Pure chance. If I had planned it that way, of course it wouldn't have worked. I had intended to write a few chapters getting their hut built, and move them out of the tent before what ended up as chapter 40, in case anyone is curious. I just ran out of time. 

(Which may be just as well, because I was also thinking about having them jump a shark or two in the process. :)



For some reason, it's surprising to me how quickly the story gets mushy. I did not intend to write one of those pulp romance novels, here. I guess, since the simplification requires two people, and since human nature in the equations required that to be a male-female pair, it shouldn't have been surprising.
It was also surprising to me that I ended up including some rather frank discussion of matters relating to sex. To those who choose to continue reading, I apologize in advance.

[JMR201608011221 -- I have forgotten to correct something:

I am writing two versions of each chapter I will try to warn you in advance ] where the discussion turns that direction, so you can avoid the discussion if you want. I do draw the curtains at certain points that are not our business. But you'll know that the curtains are drawn, and why.

It seems that the the tension can't really be completely removed without destroying both the economic models and the plot.

If you choose to continue reading, please be aware of that.


[The table of contents of the second draft of the characterizations chapters (chapters 02 to 9) of this novel is here:]

Here are the chapters, in order. As new chapters are completed, I'll link them here.

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