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Economics 101, a Novel (Rough Draft) -- My first sustained attempt at a novel, two-thirds finished in rough draft, and heading a little too far south.
What would you do if you and your study partner, with whom you had been seriously discussing marriage, suddenly found yourselves all alone together on a desert island? Study economics?
Sociology 500, a Romance (Second Draft) -- The first book in the Economics 101 Trilogy.(On hold.)
Karel and Dan, former American football teammates and now graduate students, meet fellow graduate students Kristie and Bobbie, and the four form a steady study group.

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Monday, April 24, 2017

RFQ3: Table of Contents -- Title Page

(Yet another false start:)

Economics 101, a Novel

Written by Joel Matthew Rees, Amagasaki, Japan.
Copyright 2016, 2017 Joel Matthew Rees
All rights reserved.

Table of Contents

  1. Author's Forward
    in which I try to excuse myself for imposing this overlong rant on the world.
  2. The Framing Story -- the Pilots and the Island
    -- in which two graduate students who have been doing research together find themselves suddenly alone on a desert island.
  3. Priorities Begin to Change
    -- in which Karel and Bobbie discover that they will have more time to explore their desert island.
  4. Wycliffe's Sacrifice
    in which we get to know Wycliffe better just before we lose him.
  5. A Little Cosmology
    -- in which I pretend to have something profound to say about the meaning of God and prayer in Bobbie and Karel's world.
  6. Chapter
    in which .
  7. Chapter
    in which .
  8. Chapter
    in which .
  9. Chapter
    in which .
  10. Chapter
    in which .
  11. (placeholder)

This novel is an extract and adaptation of two drafts, which are found in my Freedom Is Not Free and Fantasy Economics blogs.

[1st draft table of contents]
[2nd draft Economics 101 table of contents]
[2nd draft Sociology 500 table of contents]
[4th draft Economics 101]

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